Working on Two Giant Pieces

Been working on these two for the last two days.


This invasion linebattle one is being recorded on my TwitchTV channel and can be viewed when not live in my ‘previous broadcast’ channel:



The courtroom scene is being recorded via Bandi-Cam.  I’ll upload it to my YouTube channel as a speed drawing when it’s completed.

00ththundercourt 00ththundercourt

The trick now is to finish them both as fast as possible while still retaining the normal quality.  As you can see in the ‘Invasion Linebattle’ piece, I started using a size ‘1’ brush and to great effect, along with stipple and dash shading.  I think it’s evolving into my new favorite drawing style.

I almost wish I could re-do the lawyer one with a size ‘1’ brush, but I’ve already poured so much time into it as-is, the time involved would be astronomical.

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