00th Victory Beatings


Artist.  Author.  Overlord.

I began drawing ‘Epic’, large scale drawings over 5 years ago.  My gas mask battlefield drawing was the first picture I really threw myself into after a drawing hiatus of 10 years(!).

Based on a dream, I made up my mind that I would bring it to life, and henceforth be known as The Magical Dream Man!

Just kidding!  But seriously, it ignited a goal in my mind.  The goal being, God willing, a gigantic “00th Intergalactic Space Regiment’s Battles In History” book, detailing the past, present, future, and trans-dimensional exploits and battles of Overlord Thundersnow throughout time, space, emotional safe places locked deep in the mind and the Nether Void of Steamed Dumplings.

I envision a thick, dusty, behemoth tomb with a large number of gigantic colorful battlefield drawings accompanied with rich, flowery and detailed history, sitting relatively untouched and long forgotten on the bookshelf of every human on this planet between the ages of 13-97.

Such is my dream.  Will you join me on my journey?



P.S.  I also created and Lord over the “00th Intergalactic Space Regiment”, a large online gaming community that focuses on playing mostly large-scale Napoleonic era recreation battles, representing ourselves as the “00th Intergalactic Space Regiment”.

We boast a membership roster of 200 men and women, and are nearing our five year anniversary.



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