Day One. Earthfall.

Hello Planet Earthlings!

I am really looking forward to getting the Blog off the ground and running!

The plan is to basically post anything I am currently working on, be it artwork, writing, clothing designs, global domination or whatever strikes me.

Please feel free to give critiques on my work and suggestions!  I am self taught, so if you see me doing something the hard way and wasting a lot of time, please let me know!  I’m all about the learning process and evolving.  Without mistakes one cannot learn.  Not knowing you’re making a mistake is a waste of time.  With your help, we’ll conquer this galaxy and all who reside within it!!!   TOGETHER WE’LL RIP THEM FROM THEIR HOUSES AND HOMES!!! WE’LL BURN IT ALL TO THE….cough cough…errmmm, I mean, I look forward to sharing with you my creativity!

Thanks for visiting!

-Overlord Thundersnow.

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